Reflections On Two Years In Berlin

Saturday 16 July 2016

When I first arrived here, I wasn’t terribly sure if I’d stay. I had a backup plan to return to New York, my belongings still in storage, a place to stay, and a job I could go back to.

Two years later, I’ve never even gone back to visit New York.

I miss some things about the states. Most of those are people: family, friends, former colleagues (the rest being almost entirely food). Likewise, if I were to leave Berlin, I’d miss many people and things in Germany as well.

In my two years here, I’ve gone through the growing pains of a fledgling startup as I’ve dealt with the ups and downs of moving to a new continent. I’ve gotten better at German culture and worse at the German language. I’ve met amazing, inspiring people. I’ve met horrible, toxic people. I’ve guided friends and friends of friends through their own journeys through and into Germany as some succeed, and others fail. I went to my first German wedding, and I went to my first German funeral.

As I begin this third year in a city I love so much, the path forward is the same for me as it’s always been: do better, do more, improve, learn, teach, help…simply strive to be a smarter and better person than before.